What is rape?

Rape is forced and unwanted. Rape is considered to be insertion of a body part and/or object in the vagina, anus or any other body part without the consent of the victim. Consent is clear communication that all parties are agreeing to do an activity. Anyone can be raped. Rape is often done by someone we know.

What should I do if I’ve been raped?

Everyone copes differently after being raped. There are different ways of taking care of yourself. Three most important things:

  1. It is not your fault
  2. Get medical care
  3. Handle your feelings

You have the option of telling the police about your rape and getting justice. This option is completely voluntary. Medical care is important to prevent pregnancy, to treat any sexually transmitted diseases, and heal any other wounds. To handle your feelings, talk with a professional or a friend, and take part in any other form of healthy stress relief.

How to prevent rape

Constantly communicate with your partner about what you are going to do. Yes means yes and no means no. Do not engage in any sexual contact with someone who is drunk or high. Respect your partner’s answer when they say no. It’s okay to say no and tell your partner to stop during a sexual activity. If a person keeps going after you say no, this is rape.

You are not alone

There are many resources for you to find help if you’re a victim of rape. Two great resources include:

Crisis Line and Safe House of Central Georgia, Inc
Macon, GA 31201
Call: 478-745-9292

National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline
Call: 800-656-4673
Completely confidential

Looking for some additional information about preventing or surviving rape? These resources may be helpful:


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