What if I’m pregnant?

May is Teen Pregnancy prevention month, and too many teens become unintentionally pregnant every year. Keep reading to learn how to prevent a surprise pregnancy, and what to do if you think you’re pregnant.

How Do I Prevent Pregnancy?

The only way to prevent pregnancy 100% is to abstain (not have sex at all). That doesn’t work for everyone so it’s important if you are having sex to think about using birth control. There are birth control methods that you use every time you have sex such as condoms, spermicides or diaphragms, or methods you use more often like the pill, birth control shot, ring or patch.

Long term reversible methods can be placed once by a healthcare professional, and will last for 3-10 years with no daily maintenance, pills or patches to remember. These are the most effective methods, and if you’re a teen, you can get yours at the Teen Health Center for free! Call us at (478) 238-4276 now or talk with a trained professional about which method or methods would be best for you and your situation.

I Think I Might Be Pregnant

A pregnancy test is the only way to know if you are pregnant. You can buy these at the drugstore or visit a local health department or doctor’s office for one. It’s important to keep track of your periods every month to know what is going on with your body. Writing it on the calendar can be useful, or you can use an app on your smartphone to track when you get your period, when you have sex and when you may ovulate. Clue, Spot on, and Period Tracker are a few you can download for free!

I’m Pregnant and I’m Scared

If you find out you’re pregnant, DON’T hide it! Tell someone you trust or visit a health care professional to discuss your options. Should you choose to carry the pregnancy, getting care early and often is important. Not ready to be a parent just yet? That’s ok! Adoption and abortion are options too; talk with a professional who can point you in the right direction.

You can always reach out to the Teen Health Center with questions about teen pregnancy. Call us at (478) 238-4276 or send an anonymous text message to (478) 796-5367.

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