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Am I Being Bullied?

Am I Being Bullied?

Bullying can happen at any age, and can be something that happens just once, or something that happens over and over.  It can take the form of hitting, pushing or kicking, name-calling, ignoring, leaving someone out of a group or telling stories about someone. It can also happen online, which is called cyberbullying.

Why would someone become a bully?

People who bully others often do it because they want to belong to a group, and it makes them feel ‘popular.’ Other times, they do it because they’re unhappy with their lives, and they can only feel good when they make someone else feel bad. Some bullies act mean to others because that’s how they were treated themselves in the past, and they think it’s normal behavior to treat others badly.

What if I’m being bullied?

If you’re being bullied, you need to get away from the bully immediately. Once you’re away from the bullies, tell your parents or guardians. If you’re at school, tell your teacher. The adults who you told should help you put an end to the bullying. Know that you’re not doing anything to deserve the bullying and you deserve to get help from an adult.

What if I know someone else who’s being bullied?

If you see someone being bullied, try and stand up for that person. Tell the bully to stop what they’re doing and walk the person being bullied away from the situation. Put yourself in the shoes of the person being bullied. How would that make you feel? After you and the person who was being bullied get away, help him or her find an adult to talk to, and tell them what you saw as well. It’s important that you do the right thing and speak up for people when they need help.

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Are cell phones dangerous?

Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

When it comes to stories about cell phones giving off radiation, the jury is still out. But there’s one thing we know for sure–cell phones are a huge distraction, and people get hurt when they’re not paying attention!

Have you seen the YouTube videos of people who were so busy looking at their phone that they fell into a water fountain or wandered out into traffic or fell down a hole? Do you want to be the person on the YouTube video falling down? I don’t think so! Here are a few tips for being safe with your cell phone:

  • When you’re walking, keep your eyes open, put your cell phone away and be aware of what’s around you. Don’t walk while looking at your phone or else you will fall into a hole and end up on YouTube.
  • Never ever use your cell phone while you are driving. Did I say never ever? I meant never ever ever! That’s called “distracted driving” and you could end up in an accident, hurting yourself and others. If you’re in a car with a driver who pays more attention to the phone than the road, tell them to put their phone down or pull the car over.
  • Give your neck, back, head and hands a break! Your body was not meant to be looking down at a screen constantly. Your hands were not meant to be texting all day. Take time to sit back, stretch and sit up straight. Put your phone down for 10 minutes every hour. Otherwise, you could end up with wrist, hand, neck and back pain that never goes away. Let your eyes look out ahead of you and enjoy what is around you in the world!
  • If you receive a text or call from someone you don’t know, tell them they have the wrong number. If they keep trying to contact you, let an adult know. While it’s nice to think that everyone you meet is a good person, there are some people who are not nice and good. If anyone contacts you and you feel uncomfortable, let an adult know.

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