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Why is my body changing?

Puberty is when your body starts to change and develop to be an adult. Your body is also changing so that you can have babies in the far future. A lot of things are changing, but they are all normal!

What should I expect during puberty?

Some body changes are different for men vs. women, but others are the same.

Same things:

  • Body hair starts growing in your armpits and pubic area. Boys also get facial hair.
  • You start smell, so shower and use deodorant!
  • You grow taller and wider
  • You get pimples
  • Your emotions are everywhere

Male body changes

  • Voice gets deeper
  • Muscles get bigger
  • Penis and testicles(balls) get bigger

Female body changes

  • Breasts begin developing
  • Menstrual cycle begins, meaning you bleed once a month
  • A daily vaginal discharge (white mucus) appears

All of this is very new and different. Everyone goes through these changes. If you have questions, visit the Teen Health Center and we can help!

Why is puberty a thing?

Puberty happens to everyone because it is a way of your body to turning into an adult. Puberty also happens to prepare you to have babies. Males create sperm from their testicles. Females develop eggs from their ovaries. When a sperm and an egg meet they create a fertilized egg. The fertilized egg eventually turns into a baby after many months of being in the female’s uterus.

Explore your body

It is important to explore and know your changing body. When you know your body you are able to tell when it is healthy and when it is not. Different tools that you can use to explore are your hands and a mirror. Get comfortable touching your body. When you are comfortable you are able to know what does and doesn’t feel good. A mirror is useful to help see how your body looks especially the pubic area.



Why do girls develop breasts?

Why do girls develop breasts?

As you age and go through puberty the most visible change is in breast growth. Another common experience during puberty is getting fat around the hips.

Why do girls develop breasts?

Girls develop breasts to prepare for feeding babies in the far future. The breast is made up of fat, milk glands and milk ducts. A milk gland is a little pocket that holds milk and then the milk ducts transfers milk to the nipple to feed the baby.

Boob (breast) anatomy

Here is a simple diagram that explains what breasts look like:

  • Chest muscle: a muscle that helps you move your arms as well as protects your body
  • Lobules (milk glands): pocket areas that hold milk
  • Milk ducts: tubes that travel milk to the nipple
  • Nipple: an area that provides milk to a baby
  • Areola: a small circular area that surrounds the nipple; it is usually darker in color than the breast

Breasts are all different

Breast size does not determine if you will be able to feed a baby better or worse. In other words if a girl has big or small breasts are both able to feed a baby. It is also common for a person to have two different sized breasts. Breasts come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Breasts tend to get tender before and during your period.

Want more information on breast development visit these websites: