Can I go to jail for sexting?

Sexting is when you send or receive a text that contains sexually explicit material. Sexually explicit material can include nude photos, videos or explicit language. Anyone under the age of 18 is considered to be a minor (child) and can get in trouble with the law when they sext.

How illegal is sexting?

Sexting is illegal when it is done with anyone under the age of 18. Sexting can have serious consequences such as paying a large fine, going to jail and being labeled as a sex offender. In Georgia, a person can pay as much as $100,000 for being caught sexting. A person can go to jail for 5-20 years! A sex offender is a person who has done sexual things with a child. A common myth is that you can’t get in trouble for sharing your own pictures or videos. But that’s not true! Even if you share your own photos or videos, you can still face all the same punishments since you are a child.

Personal consequences

Sexting can lead to unplanned consequences. An illegal outcome is revenge porn. Revenge porn is when someone shares your nude pictures or videos without consent. This is against the law, especially when they are of a child. That person can go to jail for sharing that media. Revenge porn also can create health and relationship problems for the person whose materials were shared.

How to say no to sexting

Just because a person wants to sext does not mean they really like you. Say no to anything illegal or uncomfortable. Communicate to your partner that you do not want to break the law. After saying no, change the subject to something you like. It is important to know that you can show other ways of liking a person instead of only through sexting. Fun ways of showing affection could be giving cards, listening to music together, trying new foods and so much more!

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