You may be obsessed with social media if you have you made several unsuccessful attempts to cut back or stop using it.


If you are obsessed with social media, you probably spend many hours a day on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.  You most likely use these sites as an escape from the real world or to relieve a bad mood.  Social media interferes with your everyday activities and you rely heavily on comments and like for satisfaction and validation. Spending too much on time online could be a sign of depression, anxiety or loneliness.


Social media obsession can cause you to miss out on the most important parts of life. When you are distracted by social media, its hard to concentrate in school and at work which can result in failing classes and being fired from your job. Checking your notifications while driving is illegal and can result in fines, injury or even death. Spending all your time on social media leaves no time for real human interactions. This can put a strain on your relationships with your family, friends and significant other. Social media obsession and it’s consequences can lead to serious mental health problems like anxiety and depression

Getting Better

Just like any other obsession or addiction, the first step is to accept and admit that you have a problem. Once you’ve accepted the problem, you can work towards getting better.  Start by turning off all notifications or completely deleting the applications off your phone. Deleting the applications will remove the temptation to constantly check your notifications. Instead of checking your social sites all day, allow yourself a few scheduled times per day to check in. Try to find a more meaningful way to communicate with friends and family like calling them or even hanging out. Remember, Teen Health Center is always here for you!

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